Fantastic product to reduce hair loss

I was very concerned about the amount of hair loss I was experiencing, mostly thinning. I heard about Nourkrin® Woman, and just 2 1/2 months after starting the tablets, I noticed hair regrowth!

The amount of hair shedding reduced an awful lot, and I noticed hair regrowth first around the temples and the hairline. I’m so relieved to have found out about
Nourkrin® – they are really making a difference already. Buying another  3-month supply. I highly recommend.


My hair is back and so is my happiness!

After having a serious amount of stress in my life, and a car accident that left me unhurt but a little shocked, I began to notice my hair dropping out more and more. It started with me noticing it in the shower and around my desk, or at home where I brushed my hair, but as the year carried on, my family and boyfriend started to comment on how much thinner my hair had become. I had noticed it myself and was starting to worry about it, but once they noticed, I really began to investigate as to what I could do.

I started taking some vitamins and fish oil and massaging my hair with oil, but none of this seemed to work, and by the second year, my hair was getting really thin and wispy at the ends, and I started to feel really unhappy about it all. I had weddings and parties planned and spent most of the time just worrying about my hair, rather than outfits and handbags. I went to a pharmacist to ask about thickening shampoo, and he told me all about Nourkrin®.

At first, I was a little unsure, but as I really wanted to fix it, I trusted his advice. It has been 7 months now, and I am overjoyed as to what Nourkrin® has done for me.

At first, I didn’t really notice much, but obviously, hair takes time to grow! But what I did notice within a matter of weeks, was not the growth, but the fact my hair was falling less. My floor was not always covered in hair and the plug not so full of it either. Within 4 months, I could see hair growing, and the roots were so much fuller and thicker. Luckily my hair grows really fast, so now it has grown thicker and fuller, rather than longer and thinner. Month 7 is here, and I am so pleased with the difference. My hairdresser commented the other day when doing my colour, so that made me really happy as she had no idea about Nourkrin®.
I wanted to share my story as I know how frustrating it is when you can see your hair getting thinner every month and don’t know what to do about it. Sadly, prescription medication has a lot of side effects, and hair extensions do not solve the problem. I hope this product helps you as much as it has helped me.


I am so over the moon

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Or in other words thanks a million! I really can’t thank you enough for Nourkrin®.

My GP prescribed beta blockers, which I duly took for two months, but the hair loss I experienced was drastic and demoralising. I wrote the word Nourkrin® in my address book years ago – just in case. Never imagined I would need it – but I did. The hair
re-growth is spectacular. I am so over the moon.

Mrs Hawkins, UK

Amazing for excessive shedding

I started suffering from excessive shedding out of the blue. It was very distressing, and my hair would clump out in the shower. I had blood tests, and all came back clear. I tried everything from hair loss shampoos to multivitamins. Nothing worked. I’ve taken Nourkrin® for nearly 6 weeks, and my excessive shedding has stopped!! Amazing.’


A godsend for PCOS sufferer!

As a PCOS sufferer Nourkrin® have become my daily supplement. My hair is now thicker, and my hair loss has reduced significantly. It’s also longer than it’s ever been. I started to notice a difference after about 3 months and have been taking Nourkrin® for about a year


Positive results

Nourkrin® has made a big difference for my hair. I have a hair disorder that has unfortunately meant that my hair breaks. After I have used Nourkrin® for a while, I have only experienced positive results. Pretty much from day one.


My hair is thicker

My hair is thicker, and where my hair had thinned due to excessive dyeing, it is now growing back with a vengeance!

Samantha Scott

NOTHING has worked as fast or effectively as Nourkrin®

I am so happy. I have tried a lot of products that should supposedly help against female hair loss. NOTHING has worked as fast or effectively as Nourkrin®. This product is very effective.

Anne Mette

Amazing results!

About 3 years ago a friend told me how Nourkrin® had made a big difference to her hair and advised me to try it. It was amazing!

I didn’t tell my hairdresser at first – until she commented about 2 months later that my hair condition had massively improved! I kept up the treatment for 6 months and saw dramatic improvement.

About 3 months ago I noticed that my hair had become very thin again, so I started on Nourkrin® 5 weeks ago. Two days ago, my hairdresser said my hair had grown very fast, so I told her my “secret” again! Then as she cut my hair, she exclaimed, “You have new growth at the front and on the crown!” I was really pleased as I didn’t expect to have visible results so soon!


Nourkrin® works wonders!

Beginning to look fuller at the roots… I’m smiling – give Nourkrin® a try and hopefully you will be smiling too.


Glad I tried Nourkrin®

I saw an advert for Nourkrin® so thought I would give it a try. I am so very pleased I did. It has made such a big difference, even after just four months of using it. I would certainly recommend Nourkrin®.


Nourkrin® is going to help your hair

Yes, I think you should buy Nourkrin®, if you are considering it. If you are considering it that means you are concerned for your hair health or growth and Nourkrin® is going to help your hair. I have been taking Nourkrin® for 5 months, two a day, my hair had been chemically damaged through bleaching, and it broke o and died and stopped growing for years. I tried other things to get it to grow, but nothing worked.

I only wish I had discovered Nourkrin® sooner. After 3 months my hair started to grow…and gain length… I hadn’t seen it do that for years. Also, a healthier amount of hair loss started happening in the bath. I may well take Nourkrin® for the rest of my life to ensure the health of my hair. I look forward to my hair getting longer and longer


I’m so glad that I made the Nourkrin® purchase

I want to thank you for your wonderfully honest, heartfelt and supportive website. I found the Nourkrin® site one day on my work break just sitting going through the website and thought to myself – is it really going to work? After everything I have tried will that really work?

Then I decided to give Nourkrin® a try, and since my life feels so different. I feel proud of my hair, I have been struggling for a while now, and for a woman, as well as for men, hair is an important part of a person’s life.

My hair was very thin, and I was considering getting treatment done, and if Nourkrin® didn’t work, I would definitely have considered the treatment. The good thing about Nourkrin® is that it not only focuses on one type of problem, it focuses on different ones.

I have been living a quite subdued life, I never used to go out because of how my hair was, and it kept me away from my close ones because I was that worried about my hair. Because of my hair, I use to keep myself reserved, but now I can be myself, I am more comfortable now, and I’m so happy that I can finally be myself.

I started using Nourkrin® about three months ago, and so far, I’ve seen good results, I traversed the web to find solutions everywhere, then luckily, I saw Nourkrin®, and I’m so glad that I made the purchase.

I found hope and realised that I wasn’t as alone as I felt. I began to believe that my life could be different. I began to believe that I didn’t have to hide anymore and that there is a solution.

Initially, it took many months for me to finally decide to DO something. I made an appointment with a hairstylist and believe me or not, I was in tears. I wanted a full fringe, and the hairstylist said, ‘I’m sorry your hair is too thin for full fringe otherwise from the back your hair will look too flat’, she recommended me to use hair extensions, and so I did. For me, choosing to go with hair extensions was the right thing to do. The hair was beautiful, comfortable, the stylist wonderful and I felt like a new person when I wore the extensions, but that didn’t last too long when it became a bit of a headache to deal with the extensions every day. That’s why I tried different kinds of oils and all sorts, but eventually, I found the right thing for me, and the right thing is Nourkrin®!


Recommend this product

So far Nourkrin® seems to be working. My hair is thicker and growing in places that were sparse. I would recommend Nourkrin®.


Now my hair is in tiptop condition

I have been taking Nourkrin® Woman, tasteless and easy to swallow tablets, for 6 months and I will continue to do so. I noticed considerable thinning of my hair during menopause and if I am honest, it knocked my confidence. Now my hair is in tiptop condition, even my hairdresser can see a noticeable difference in the thickness of my hair. I no longer dread washing my hair due to the fall out left in the shower tray. I am not a person for ‘popping pills’, I am a very clean eater and read about everything that goes into my body, and I am completely happy with the contents of the Nourkrin® tablets and even happier with the results.

Hayne Sheriff

Seven pregnancies: Nourkrin® works and requires no effort

Having been through seven pregnancies, I know what post pregnancy hair loss can be like. I’ve always hated the amount of hair clogging up the drain after every birth and for the months following.

I decided to try Nourkrin®, and by the 3rd week, I started to notice less hair loss and could see some new growth, especially around the front of my hairline. Nourkrin® did what it said it would, and I’m very happy to say Nourkrin® does work. I would recommend Nourkrin® to someone with thin hair to start with; they would make a big difference.

My hair feels stronger, along with much less hair loss in a very short amount of time. No effort required; I think that needs to be mentioned!


Growing fast and strong

After 5 months, I can see my hair is growing fast and strong.


I am a hairdresser myself and highly recommended Nourkrin®

I am a hairdresser myself and after having my 3rd child, and with my wedding fast approaching, I decided it was time for me to try Nourkrin®. I can see a lot of new hair growth and my hair is shiny, healthy looking and I have visibly noticed less loss!

I will be carrying on with Nourkrin® until my wedding as I can honestly say as a hair professional Nourkrin® does help! I will recommend Nourkrin® to my clients in future, they are easy to swallow and taking one a day is easy enough. Highly recommended.


Works for me

I have used Nourkrin® Man before. It certainly works for me. After a course, my hair felt silky, soft and thick. I now take one Nourkrin® tablet every day or so.


Alopecia sufferer recommends Nourkrin® without hesitation

I started on Nourkrin® about a year ago through sheer desperation. Having been an on/off Alopecia sufferer for most of my life, I then managed to throw thyroid issues into the mix. So, whilst used to the odd ‘patch’ falling out, all of a sudden, I was facing all over thinning (I had to search out and avoid halogen spotlights as they made me look bald!).

I started taking Nourkrin® and to be honest, for the first two months or so, there was no real change or improvement and then it started happening… My hair was growing, and my scalp was covered in fine short hairs! Fast forward to 6 months and I was brave enough to get my shoulder length hair cut short (first time in my life I had risked it).

I still take Nourkrin®, although one a day now and my hairdresser now says I have a normal thickness of hair. It may all be a huge coincidence but seems unlikely – so I have no hesitation in recommending Nourkrin®.



I’m so impressed. I started taking Nourkrin® tablets with an open mind, as nothing I have ever used has worked before, however I’ve been shocked at the results. I’m amazed. I can’t recommend enough.


Thank you so much for Nourkrin® tablets and lotion

My hairdresser commented last week that my hair was looking thicker, I said I hadn’t dare say as much myself, but I also felt the same. I have used so many lotions and potions with no result. Thank you so much for Nourkrin® tablets and lotion, I will carry on using these in the future.

Janet, UK

Can’t really believe it

2 months ago, I had a large bald patch and receding. Today I have scalp full of hair. Can’t really believe it. As long as you take 2 Nourkrin® Man tablets a day. Fantastic

Robert Biffa

Significant improvement

My husband started taking Nourkrin® some months ago. I was very sceptical, but to my amazement (and photographic evidence) there has been a significant improvement in the texture and thickness of his hair.


Nine months use of Nourkrin® Woman: I have a proper thick braid now!

This is just a short update on my Nourkrin® journey. I’ve been taking Nourkrin® for almost nine months now, and my hair has completely changed from how it used to be. I wrote about starting Nourkrin® around four months ago and shared a photo of my hair then – medium/long, straight and black. I’m keeping it at about the same length now, perhaps a little longer, but my hair has continued to improve and is thicker now than I ever remember it being. I have a proper thick braid now!

Like myself, my sister has been having trouble with her hair and has been shedding a lot. I’m guessing that it might be due to stress, since it’s her final year of university. Seeing my hair, she has decided to start Nourkrin® too, and I can’t wait to see what her hair is like when I see her again in a few months!

At this point, I’m not sure how much more my hair will or can improve, but a lot of the new hair is still an odd length so I’m waiting for that to grow out some more. Since I feel like Nourkrin® is making my hair growth faster, I think I will continue with two tablets a day until the one-year mark. Maybe then I will try one tablet a day.

Either way, if you are struggling with hair loss, please know that there is something you can do. Like going to the salon, which I only do every three or four months now, Nourkrin® is worth the money to keep my hair looking good.

P.S. The last time I went to the hairdresser she changed my shampoo and conditioner from ‘fine/thin’ to ‘normal hair’!!

Anne Kathrine 2 of 2

Happy customer

Very speedy service, payment was secure, and I felt confident using the online payment system. Happy customer. The Nourkrin® tablets have worked very well, I will be buying again.


Regrowth is excellent

Excellent service. Nourkrin® is working and hair regrowth is excellent.


Service was excellent

Service was excellent, delivery was unbelievably fast and very well packed. Love the price and love Nourkrin®. I have been using Nourkrin® for 7 years now.


Nourkrin® really is an excellent product

I first bought Nourkrin® a few months ago. My hair was coming out at an alarming rate and I felt quite desperate about it. I thought I would give Nourkrin® Woman a try. By about the third month, I noticed my hair was not shedding nearly so much, and very soon after I stopped losing hair completely. I will keep using Nourkrin® – it really is an excellent product.


Very good effective treatment

Have used Nourkrin® for a long time and it improves my hair a lot.

Georgina, UK

Very impressive

I have only been taking Nourkrin® for 3 weeks, but I think something positive is going on. My hair is not as it should be after radiotherapy and taking my on-going medication. I would love to be able to recommend them, especially to possibly help those who have lost hair through chemotherapy. My oncologist has given me the ok to take Nourkrin® and says that they look very impressive.


Love Nourkrin®

Great service. Love Nourkrin®.


I would definitely recommend Nourkrin® to other women

I should have done something sooner, but I guess I wasn’t entirely sure what to do. People kept telling me that the increased hair shedding would pass when I had finished my degree and wasn’t so stressed out anymore. So, I just let my hair be, but I was upset every time I washed or brushed my hair, and my hair just kept falling out. It became so bad that the hair around my hairline and ears had visibly thinned even though I did my best to covered it. I felt stressed and worn out.

This all happened more than two years ago, and like I was told, the hair loss did improve, but very, very slowly. Around Christmas last year, I finally felt like my hair was starting to look like it used to, and my mom and sister told me that it looked good. I was so relieved.

After Christmas, I decided to go off the contraceptive pills that I had been taking for years just to give my body a break from all the hormones. About a month later, I noticed that I started shedding and by the end of February, it got so bad that my boyfriend started to comment on my hair being everywhere – bed sheets, bathroom floor and on my clothes. I began to panic but couldn’t figure out what had caused the shedding to accelerate again.

At the beginning of March, someone suggested that I should try Nourkrin®. Me, being me, I learned everything I could about the product and realised that the hair loss happened because I stopped taking the contraceptive pills, which is apparently normal. I gave in, since it was natural and side effect free, I thought I might as well give Nourkrin® a try – also the thought of losing so much hair again terrified me.

I got six months’ worth of Nourkrin®, because that was the minimum time recommended for the product to work. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I’m not a big believer in supplements of any kind. I’ve been taking Nourkrin® for four months now, and the shedding has definitely reduced.

Yesterday, I went to the same hairdresser that I’ve been going to for years, and she was pretty much speechless. Not only does my hair feel stronger, but it is growing faster. My hairdresser asked, if she could take a photo for next time to see how fast it is growing.

I didn’t think to take a before photo, but I’ve attached the photo my hairdresser took yesterday after cutting my hair – I’m excited to see what will happen in the next few months. Nourkrin® could have saved me two years of worrying about my hair, but honestly, I’m just so happy to have found a solution this time and to know what I can do if it happens again. I would definitely recommend Nourkrin® to other women.

Anne Kathrine 1 of 2

I will continue to use Nourkrin® after this fantastic result

I had thought about trying Nourkrin® some years ago after a bout of ill health resulted in quite a lot of hair coming out in the shower. I have never had thick hair, so I couldn’t really afford for it to get any thinner.

I did recover from that bout of ill health and I forgot about trying Nourkrin® until a recent bout of ill health saw my hair falling out again. The hair was coming out from all over my head, but without there being completely bald patches, although it was worst at my temples, so I was starting to get a widow’s peak.

My thoughts turned to Nourkrin® once again, and I decided to take the plunge! I have now been taking one Nourkrin® tablet morning and evening for the last 2 months, and my hair already feels thicker, and my widow’s peak is less prominent.

I have waited a little while before writing this review because I wanted to make sure I knew what to write first. I now know that I will continue to use Nourkrin® after this fantastic result.

Heather, Bedfordshire, UK

A world of good

I bought Nourkrin® for my daughter, who has bald patches due to stress, and they have done her a world of good – not only is her hair thickening up, they have uplifted her mood and given her energy. Would highly recommend


My hair is finally growing back

My hair definitely feels much thicker, and I can see tufts of regrowth (especially at the front and sides!). It looks a bit silly right now, but I don’t care as I am so pleased my hair is finally growing back.

I already have so much more confidence and can’t wait to see results further down the line. For anyone having a tough time with thinning or fine hair do give Nourkrin® a go. I’ll definitely be repurchasing!


Five Stars

My wife swears by Nourkrin®.

Allan William Felton

Just in time for my wedding: Amazing results with Nourkrin®

My wedding date was set, and I couldn’t be more excited. My only wedding worry was my hair, which was thinning and breaking very easily and not looking good.

I had put it down to college stress as a mature student, but six months after my final exams, I was still struggling with my hair. I had read about Nourkrin® and I read people’s testimonials online and felt I could relate to their hair problems, so I decided to try Nourkrin®.

I started taking Nourkrin® in October, and by Christmas, I had noticed a huge change with new hair growth. My hair was stronger and breaking less. My hairdresser noticed the condition of my hair, how much it had improved, and how fast it was growing. With each salon visit for hair trials leading up to my wedding, the girls in the salon would complement my hair and say how easy it was to style. My hair feels great, and I will continue to recommend Nourkrin®, as I have seen amazing results.

Shirley McGuinness

The transformation has been fantastic

I was going through a very difficult period in my life, which was causing me great stress – work, money, relationship – it all came at once. As a result, I started to notice that my hair was falling out. I would literally wake up in the morning and find my hair all over my pillow. After showering, the bath would be covered in my hairs, and everywhere I went, I kept leaving traces of hair. My hair also became very dry, brittle, dull, lack-lustre and thin.

I went to the doctor about it, and he just said it was to do with stress and to do with hormones and my age. He said there was nothing that he could do for me. So, I continued for nearly two more years just accepting that I was losing my hair.

Then one day by chance I saw an advert in a magazine for Nourkrin®. I did not know that you could buy such products to help with hair loss, so I was immediately excited about this product. I ordered some straight away along with some shampoo and conditioner.

I have been taking Nourkrin® for almost one year. The transformation has been fantastic. I had an obvious bald patch on the left side of my head. It has now vanished, and I have a decent amount of hair there. My receding hairline around my face has improved. I have lots of new hair growth sprouting out all over. My hair is lovely and shiny again and also very strong. My hairdresser now even comments on how healthy my hair is looking. Also, my hair has stopped falling out…

I’m so happy to have found Nourkrin®, it’s been well worth the investment. I tell everyone I know about Nourkrin® who is suffering from any of the symptoms that I had. I will continue to use this product, even if I no longer need it as I believe it is that good.’


Improved my hair

I believe that the Nourkrin® tablets have really helped to improve my hair.


Nourkrin® Woman has made a tremendous difference!

I’ve used Nourkrin® for 3 months now and am delighted with the almost instant effect it’s had on my hair. For the last few years, I have noticed my hair falling out – it got to the stage where I dreaded washing my hair in the shower or brushing it, as clumps would come out.

I’ve always had a thick head of long hair, my ‘crowning glory’ that people have always complimented me on, so it was a shock to start losing so much of it and for it to feel so thin… and I was surprised at how much it affected how I felt about myself, even though I’m not particularly vain, my confidence was definitely affected.

But after the first 3 weeks of taking Nourkrin® Woman I really noticed a difference – my hair seems in better condition, less lank and lifeless, and I could see lots of new hair growing at my temples where the hair loss was really noticeable. Now, 3 months later, I’m really happy – I have even more new hair coming and it’s continuing to lengthen rather than fall out like it used to. My hair feels thicker again too, and though it’s still not as thick as it was when I was younger, it’s made a tremendous difference and I’m on the website now to buy my next batch of Nourkrin®!

Juila, East Sussex, UK

Works a treat!

Brilliant product! Noticed a difference in a week. My hair is soft, and no longer falling out. The new hair growth is growing very quickly. I’d recommend Nourkrin® to any new mum to be!!!!

Natasha, mother of two

Happy with Nourkrin®

I am very happy with Nourkrin®. After the initial 3 months, I did not see much of a change, but in the last few weeks, I really see an improvement. I look forward to completing the course and see more results.

Dolores, Ireland

Definitely stronger and new hair growing

I noticed my hair was thinning at my parting and on the sides, after some research I put it down to having had a recent operation and stress from separating from my husband, I got Nourkrin® after reading other reviews on it.

I used Nourkrin® for 3 months and my hair was definitely stronger and seemed to be growing quicker and it did help my thinning hair as I started to see new hair growing in the gaps. You do need to continue taking Nourkrin® for the time suggested and you need to be patient as it can take a few months to really see a difference 🙂

Sophie, Worcestershire

I’m amazed

I’m so impressed. I started taking Nourkrin® Woman with an open mind, as nothing I have ever used has worked before; however, I’ve been shocked at the results. I’m amazed. I can’t recommend Nourkrin® enough.


Faster growing hair

I’m on my sixth month and i’m very happy with Nourkrin®. My hair is growing faster than it used to. I no longer shed tufts of hair.


No more thin patches

I’ve been looking for supplements to improve the condition of my fine, thinning shoulder-length hair, and found Nourkrin® that gave me fantastic results after only 3 months of continuous use. Years of using heated appliances, coupled with recent work stress and hormonal changes has left my hair brittle and lacking volume – it looked and felt visibly thinner. Taking Nourkrin® was easy to remember as I took it with a general multivitamin first thing in the morning, experienced no negative side effects and can honestly say my hair feels markedly more nourished from the inside. No more thin patches or clogging up the bathroom plughole after washing my hair! Would definitely recommend Nourkrin® to women of any age.

Marie, 23, Scotland

Massive improvement!

Everyone knows after pregnancy your hair falls out and becomes thinner. I had just come to accept it as another part of a changing body post pregnancy. My hair is naturally thin so wasn’t holding much hope on these tablets actually working.

I have taken Nourkrin® for a full month now and the improvement is very noticeable. I’m no longer taking handfuls of hair out with every brush or wash. It is obviously not a miracle cure, but it has made a dramatic difference. My hair also has a much healthier shine.

I would be happy to recommend Nourkrin® to any post pregnancy mum.

Gemma, mother of three

Very effective

I’m delighted to say I’m finding Nourkrin® very effective. Since I’ve started the course, my hair got much thicker and looks more fuller and is in much better condition.

When I wash my hair now, it stays looking good for a few days, whereas before, I needed to wash it every day to look any way decent. I’m delighted with Nourkrin® as my hair feels in much better condition and looks thicker and healthier. I would recommend my friends to try Nourkrin®.

Deidre Ward, Ireland

Confident and happier

Like most women there is a long list of things we would like to change about ourselves, but having poor, weak, thin & fragile hair is probably top of my list, I look with envy at people with thick full growth – anyhow I have been taking my daily dose, started off slow, as I had in the past taken supplements for hair, all of which did not agree with me, made me a little nauseous – anyway I had no side effect from Nourkrin®, and take with a glass of water. My hair will never be full & thick but it has certainly improved, I wash my hair every second day, unless I need to, I don’t want to dry out natural oils, on day two I always wear a light hat as my hair being so fine gaps after sleeping on it, during winter months this is ok, but in summer months it looks ridiculous, this year the hat was away – normally I would not have the confidence on day 2 to go out without, this year I got two days hat free, on the odd occasion I did wash the hair on consecutive days, but on the most my hair was good, I was not always sure, but my family told me it was looking a lot better, I will continue taking Nourkrin® & think my girls (even though young, but also have fine hair – but not to my extent) will take the product designed for younger people. I keep my hair short but feel a lot more confident & happier about my hair than I used to and may even let it grow to a little longer length & even try a change in my doo!!

I am glad I stuck with Nourkrin® – I have a tendency to let things slide when there are no immediate results. So glad I kept things going. Still taking Nourkrin® and feel better to be doing something rather than waiting for my hair to get thinner. Thanks again!

Karen Murray, Ireland

What a good product this is

We had a traumatic house move, and my hair at the sides began to thin. After 4 months on Nourkrin®, the two patches are covering over. I shall keep going because Nourkrin® helped me 10 years or so ago after another stressful time when I had more severe hair loss. What a good product this is.

Tina, UK

Would definitely recommend

I have been using Nourkrin® for nearly 4 months now, and it has made such a big difference. It’s a product that I would definitely recommend – Nourkrin® is worth the money and I will be continuing to use it.


Benefits are huge

I am staying with Nourkrin® as the benefits that I have noticed are huge. Both the growth and quality of my hair are clear to see. The strength of my hair has improved greatly with no split ends/breakages at this stage. A lot of people have commented about the condition of my hair, and I have had no hesitations in telling them about Nourkrin® that I continue to take twice daily.

I personally see a huge difference because I had quite a short hairstyle for a few years. My hair is almost the desired length, and I am so very happy and satisfied.

Maria Nason

A real improvement

This is my 2nd 3-month supply of Nourkrin®, and I have noticed a real improvement in the thickness of my hair

Valentina, Russia

It works

Nourkrin® is an excellent product, and it works. Highly recommended.

Nicola Moulton, UK

Works well

I’ve always had thick hair that needs thinning out when I get it cut, but after the birth of my daughter, my hairdresser noticed it didn’t need thinning anymore and had changed a lot. After using Nourkrin® for a while I did notice an improvement in my hair, it was feeling thicker, and I wasn’t noticing any hair loss. My hairdresser said new hair was growing. I also had compliments about how my hair was looking since taking the Nourkrin® tablets, which was a bonus. I would definitely recommend Nourkrin® to new mums suffering with hair loss.

Siobhan, mother of one

I feel able to face the world without a headscarf!

My story began last November, when my daughter noticed a small bald patch, about the size of a ten pence piece, on the crown of my head. I was absolutely mortified and did my best to cover it with the rest of my hair. However, the patch kept on spreading and before long, I had to use a grip to hold my hair in place over it.

Going out in the daytime wasn’t too bad as it was winter and everyone was wearing hats, but social events over Christmas were a trial for me – I even used to make sure that I stood or sat at the edge of a room with the right side of my head towards everyone else.

My clothes were covered in my fallen hair and washing it was terribly upsetting. My family bought me expensive organic hair products, but nothing seemed to help.

I went to see my doctor who diagnosed me with Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune condition. Although I was otherwise well physically, she suggested stress as a possible cause and prescribed a steroid cream.

By New Year, the bald patch measured almost 4 inches across, and my confidence was badly affected. Of course, I realised that there are far, far worse health problems, but I still felt unfeminine, unattractive and depressed. Then my hairdresser suggested Nourkrin®, and I started to take it twice a day. Before long, I had a small tuft of hair in the very place where it had begun to fall out 3 months before.

Gradually, this new hair continued to grow, and although two more patches developed, they have now almost covered after using Nourkrin® for 5 months. Now my hair is pretty much back to normal, and I feel able to face the world without a headscarf! Thank you, Nourkrin®!


My hair feels a lot better

I have always had very thick and good quality hair, plus I was born with bright red hair. Although the colour of my hair has faded with the years, it is still a good colour and has not gone grey, so I am fortunate in that I do not have to dye it. However, with age, it has become thinner, and with the onset of the menopause, it really started to fall out a lot, leaving my hair much thinner and weaker.

Often people comment positively on my hair, especially with regard to the colour, so to start to lose my main attribute was not very pleasant! I, therefore, started to take Nourkrin®, and after about 3 months, I noticed that my hair was becoming much thicker. There has been a noticeable decrease in the amount of hair loss when I wash it, and it feels a lot better.

I continue to take Nourkrin® to maintain the thickness and quality of it. My hairdresser for about 27 years thinks that my hair is still thick for my age. During the warmer months, I try not to use a hairdryer to dry my hair, and it now takes about 3 hours to dry properly on its own, which I think is also testimony to how Nourkrin® have helped!


Very useful

I have found Nourkrin® very useful. My hair looks a lot better and healthy. When I ordered my new pack of Nourkrin® the lady I spoke to was very helpful and knew exactly what I needed. My pack came very quickly within a day. I think the service was very good.


Does exactly what it claims to do

I had started to notice my hair going thin around the front and a little at the back, this was a very worrying time for me, and I became quite paranoid about what affect this would have on me socially. I was told to shave it off or to use hair loss concealers which worked for a time, but only until the rest started to thin and concealers became ineffective.

So, I tried Nourkrin® Man instead, and I am happy I did! I won’t lie and say it grew a full head of hair back, but slowly and surely it started to get thicker, and it looked much much healthier.

I have noticed small growth in places that were thinning the most, and it has helped me to get some confidence back. I have been using Nourkrin® for a year now, and I can’t wait to see the results in another year!

Nourkrin® tablets are all-natural, so there are no side effects. This coupled by slow and sure results has given me confidence not only in my quality of hair but also in a product that does exactly what it claims to do where others do not! Well done, Nourkrin®!


Gives my fine hair more body

I have been using Nourkrin® for a number of years. It is definitely beneficial and gives my fine hair more body. An added benefit is the improvement in my skin.

Corinne, Australia


I was very sceptical about this and didn’t expect it to work at all. I have very fine hair so couldn’t spare any more loss after giving birth to my son! The Nourkrin® tablets really do work. Even my hairdresser has noticed a difference. Very good.


I had good results

I took the Nourkrin® tablets for a month. After 2 weeks I noticed that my hair loss was lessening, after 3 weeks it became my normal pre pregnancy hair loss and have noticed new hairs growing back. I’m pleased with Nourkrin®.

Sarah, mother of two

New hair growth

I was very stressed out with work and study, and I was always so anxious. I developed a bad habit of twiddling and pulling at my hair, just breaking and pulling at the ends. I ended up with bald patches at the side of my head, especially the right-hand side (as I am right-handed!!).

It was looking awful. I asked in the chemist, and a pharmacist recommended Nourkrin®. It took about 2-3 months, and it was my hairdresser that commented on how my hair was growing and looked so much healthier. She even commented on all the new hair growth; she said that she could see it clearly.

I was thrilled. I have curly hair, but occasionally get it blow-dried straight, and it was then that I could absolutely see the length and good condition that it is in – almost as a placebo effect, it has stopped me from twiddling at it because I am so happy with it.


Thick and shiny hair

After the birth of my first daughter, I did notice that I lost a lot of hair, it was quite scary whilst washing my hair and clumps coming away in my hand. My hairdresser assured me it was normal and yes it did slow down but didn’t grow back so I had a wider parting that I started with!! Quick hairstyle change and sorted. The birth of my second daughter was a whole new ball game. My hair receded at the fringe and I even have a lovely see through bit at the front which a lot of people have commented on and left me very self-aware. Washing my hair is a nightmare as there is more down the plug than on my head! So, when I saw Nourkrin® I was very sceptical to say the least. BUT after a month of using Nourkrin® I was very surprised when the comments started to change… the comments wasn’t about my bald patch anymore, the comments were how thick and shiny my hair was looking! And low and behold my bald patch was starting to look less obvious – not regrowth yet but my little bit of hair looking thicker seems to hide it more. I wasn’t expecting these results if I am honest, and I am very impressed with what has happened in such a short space of time – wonder how it would look after the recommended 6 months use?? The results you get are well worth it!


My hair began to improve quite rapidly

I think that Nourkrin® is an excellent product. My hair started to thin during my menopause, and I became really distressed as I had up until then always had long and thick hair. After using Nourkrin®, my hair began to improve quite rapidly, and I can now say that I have lovely shoulder length, thick hair again.


An excellent product, which rewards commitment with visible good results

Over 10 years ago, I found myself in a very difficult period of my life. My father died, and the relationship I was in was breaking apart. The level of stress was extremely high, and although, being a psychotherapist myself, I was doing all I could to overcome it, I lost over ten kilos in weight, and my physical appearance started to suffer. On top of poor health, I started losing my hair big time. I’ve always had a lot of hair, curly, soft, something I was proud of, and it was coming off in fistfuls. People around me noticed it, increasing my worries and anxieties.

A biologist friend pointed me in the direction of Nourkrin®, and I started taking it regularly, overcoming my scepticism. Despite myself, I started seeing good and strong regrowth after the first three months. It was clearly noticeable and even my doctor, more sceptical than I was, had to admit that Nourkrin® was working. And it did until I had a full head of healthy, strong hair again.

Since then, I have been taking Nourkrin® quite regularly because I was entering the menopause, which is another common cause of hair loss, and I haven’t looked back! Nourkrin® is an excellent product, which rewards commitment with visible good results. I have, of course, recommended it to many friends and even to some of my patients, who have invariably been satisfied and relieved. Many thanks to the Nourkrin® team!


Very happy with the results

I have only used this product for a month, but my hair already feels and looks noticeably thicker and softer. Before using Nourkrin®, I would lose a lot of hair while showering, but now I have only a few strands that come out when I shampoo.

My hair looks much fuller, and I find that a day after washing, it still looks great and doesn’t look greasy and flat like it used to. I am very happy with the results, and if my hair has improved this much after only four weeks of treatment, I am excited to see what the next few months bring.


Impressive results

Was recommended Nourkrin® by my hairdresser. Have been using it for only 2 months but have already seen a difference and so has my hairdresser. Will continue to use Nourkrin®, and I’m happy to recommend to anyone with thinning or fragile hair.


Definite improvement and much better condition

I have been taking Nourkrin® for around 3 weeks now and I have seen an improvement. I am still experiencing hair loss but not at the rate it was previously. New hair has started to grow and it does seem to be growing quite quickly. It is also in a much better condition than after having my first child and nothing else in my hair care routine has changed.

Lydia, mother of two

A great product. NO, the BEST!!

I’ve used Nourkrin® Serum for many years. As an older person, I saw how friends’ hair was deteriorating, and ‘HELP’ went through my mind. I’ve always had a good head of hair, but perms and highlights were taking the quality away. I looked at various products, and the prices made my hair curl! Excuse the pun! Then I found Nourkrin®. I bought serum and just used it after shampooing. My hair is in lovely condition, and my hairdresser says she has never known hair grow so fast! I don’t tell why. My secret to share with anyone who asks! Thanks, Nourkrin®. A great product. NO, the BEST!

Eunice, UK

Success story

Nourkrin® has really helped with my hair loss and thinning hair. I suffered quite severe Alopecia two years ago. Took Nourkrin® for six months. My hair grew back and became stronger and thicker. Unfortunately, I have noticed some patches re-occurring, so I am now taking Nourkrin® again and after one month I have seen a significant improvement.

Gillian, UK

Well worth the effort

I started using Nourkrin® nine months ago and have seen a considerable improvement in the thickness and general condition of my hair. You do need to be patient – it is well worth the effort.

Marcie, UK

A tremendous difference

I purchased Nourkrin® for my mother who suffered with thinning hair. Since she started using Nourkrin® she has noticed a tremendous difference and has her confidence back.

Anonymous, UK

It really does work!

I have been using Nourkrin® for four months now, and my hair loss has improved significantly. I first started noticing this problem when I reached 50 (probably hormone related) and realised that my parting was widening and kept finding a lot of my hair on the bathroom floor.

I am so glad I found Nourkrin®. I see so many women of my age with thinning hair. I think it really is worth the money because I feel better and more confident.

Just thought I would write this review for anyone who is wondering whether to try Nourkrin®. Don’t wait too long. It really does work!

Helen, UK

Nourkrin® solves the problem of thinning hair

I love this product. It was very good value for money and my hair is so much thicker now after using Nourkrin®. I would recommend it to anyone who has thinning hair.

Teresa, UK

Thank You Nourkrin®

3 years ago, my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer during his chemo treatments and my hair started to fall out, I had bald patches everywhere, but I did not seek help at the time. My husband’s nursing was the most important thing, 11 months later he lost his battle with cancer. Eventually I went to the doctor who after test said there was no medical reason and he thought it may be due to the stress during my husband illness. So, I found Nourkrin® when searching on Google for hair loss treatments. I have been taking it for 4 months now and it is working, my hair is starting to grow back. It makes me feel more myself now, so thank you Nourkrin®.

Kate, UK

I have noticed new hair growth

My problem was falling hair and the hair was becoming fine. I used Nourkrin® tablets for 6 months, and the change I noticed was after 5 months. My individual hair has doubled the thickness, and I have noticed new hair growth. I am planning to continue using it for a year at least.

Nuzhat, UK

A true heartfelt thank you for this miracle wonderful treatment

Nourkrin® has helped me to find ME at a time when I had no hope or confidence after losing my hair totally. It was awful having to look in the mirror and hating my image and not recognising myself without my best feature – my long, thick hair. Instead, I was being met by a bald woman who I simply didn’t know.

I got wigs, but nothing can ever feel the same as your own hair. I felt fake and fearful and totally un-feminine. I totally withdrew into myself, and instead of being the outgoing confidant Diane, I was lost and became very introverted and hated going out. I lost my job and shied away from any type of relationship. I came across Nourkrin® by accident having tried various herbal treatments with no success, only disappointment and many tears……would I always be this bald THING??

I started taking Nourkrin® with obvious doubts as to if it would actually work. Well, one year nearly and my hair, yes, my HAIR has started to grow back, and it is thick and healthy, and my Hairdresser says that in all the years of knowing me she has never seen it look so good!!!!

I am amazed, emotional as to its success and what’s more I can finally ditch the wigs!!!! Nourkrin® is truly remarkable, and I hope others get the same result and subsequent joy that having hair growth brought and still brings. I say a truly heartfelt Thank You for this wonderful miracle treatment.

Diane I.


For the past two years or so my hair has been thinning a lot at the front, through stress as far as I can tell, to the extent that you could see the scalp shining where the most recent hair loss was. Very depressing – not to mention embarrassing. I have tried scalp lotions but, although they seemed good at first, after a few times of using them, my scalp reacted badly to them.

So, I began taking Nourkrin®. I have been taking Nourkrin® for 5 months now. Within a short while new, fluffy, baby hair started coming through covering the thinning patches. Over the past few months those patches have gone, and my hair has thickened up all over. Brilliant result.


My hair grows back

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Another patient I met while having chemotherapy told me about Nourkrin®. I had lost all my hair so as soon as I finished my treatment, I started taking Nourkrin®. It most definitely helped my hair grow back and even a little fuller. I have had very fine hair all of my life, I was so pleased by the new growth. I have been using Nourkrin® for 7 years now and it helps my hair

Rose M.

Nourkrin® really was and is my savior

I would like to share my thought on Nourkrin®! It wouldn’t be too dramatic to say it saved me!!

I started losing a bit more hair than normal when washing and brushing/styling. I have always been known for my hair; long, blondish and extremely thick. Suddenly, I had a carrier bag full of hair that I had lost. I think I was in denial that something was wrong yet kept all of the hair that I was shedding. I went to the Doctors who did blood tests that showed I was rapidly approaching the Peri-menopausal stage of life and said my hair would never be the same again and she was sure it would eventually slow down/stop.

My hair loss was so dramatic that I felt I couldn’t just leave it and see what happened. I really felt that it would be very noticeable to people that something was wrong. I was actually stunned to feel so devastated at my hair loss. It wasn’t something I’d ever thought about.

I drove home that day in what felt like panic. I had mentioned to a family member what was happening, and when I showed her the bag of hair, they were visibly shocked. The next day I had an extremely blessed phone call from a lady that worked with this family member. To this day I can’t thank her enough for ringing me! She recommended Nourkrin®. She had had the same situation as me and found that Nourkrin® had helped her.

I ordered Nourkrin® Woman immediately, and by the tenth day of taking the tablets my hair loss started to slow down, and within a month, it was back to what I classed as normal shedding. I am still taking Nourkrin® today, and my hairdresser says she now classes me as having thick hair again. It may not get back to how thick it was before, but I can now hold my head up and feel a little more like I used to. I cannot be without Nourkrin®. They really were and are my saviour!

Anne B.

The product is very good

Nourkrin® is very good and I have no adverse comment to provide on the quality of the actual tablet.


If you have any thinning hair problems, you will definitely get results

About three years ago I noticed my hair was slightly thinning at the crown and every time I went out, I made my husband check for ‘bald spots’.
I saw an advertisement for Nourkrin® and decided to give it a go. After three months I thought I had a slight improvement, so I purchased another three months. After this my hair had definitely improved.
I telephoned Nourkrin® and asked if I should continue or if I was cured now. I was told to perhaps cut down to one tablet daily and to use the shampoo and conditioner. I did cut the tablets down, but I then foolishly stopped taking them.
About a year ago I noticed a bit of thinning again, although not as bad as previously. I re-started the tablets and now I have decided to keep taking them. It is very important to me to have my hair looking good, and I no longer have my husband on ‘bald spot’ alert.
I have recommended the tablets to three friends and my son-in-law and all are very pleased with the results.
If you have any thinning hair problems, you will definitely get results.

Barbara, UK

I am delighted

I’ve been suffering the effects of post-partum hair loss, and I’ve had bald patches around my hairline ever since. My hair has never returned to what I would consider being ‘normal, and I wasn’t sure that anything other than time would help me regrow my hair. This has impacted my self-esteem quite considerably.

Nourkrin® has contributed to the improvement. I have noticed considerably less hair loss, and I even have new hair growth around my hairline – which I am delighted about.

Due to the reduced rate of hair loss, my hair feels thicker and for the first time in what feels like forever I actually wore my hair down over the weekend and my husband commented on the fact that I was ‘back’

I would say give Nourkrin® a try; they do aid your hair in recovery.


I was pleasantly surprised

I was pleasantly surprised that Nourkrin® actually made a difference. About six months after having my twin boys my hair started falling out at a furious rate and my hairdresser said she could really notice my hair thinning out and had I thought about taking anything to help. I tried the usual, but nothing made a difference, when I found Nourkrin® I was doubtful that they would be much good, but I was desperate. I’ve only used them for a month, but my hair no longer falls out in clumps which is such a relief, I haven’t noticed any re growth yet but I’m happy with the fact that my hair no longer falls out.


This is a major breakthrough for me

Since I started using Nourkrin®, which is 6 months now, I have noticed my hair has stopped falling out! This is a major breakthrough for me, as we are all conscious of thinning hair. I will continue to use Nourkrin® every day.

Gilian, UK

Finally, something out there that works

I have very thin hair and not a lot of it. Therefore, hair loss after my first pregnancy was awful. It was very noticeable. I just got prescribed iron tablets from my doctor.

I am now postnatal with my second child and was extremely worried this would happen again, so I started taking Nourkrin® straight away.

Finally, something that works. My hair is in much better condition than it ever has been and feels a lot thicker. Even my hairdresser has noticed the change. I want to take Nourkrin® forever :-). You really can’t put a price on healthy hair, and I would happily pay this every day of the week. Highly recommended.


I was a little sceptical to begin with

After giving birth, I think your priorities are firmly on meeting needs of baby, but however I am pleased to say; I am glad I gave Nourkrin® a go. They have helped to change the condition of my hair post pregnancy and new hair growth is apparent. They are a good quality product and give good results. I would recommend to others.


New healthy hair was replacing the old

I decided to give Nourkrin® a try after noticing the amount of hair shedding after brushing and washing. Like any other woman, this had become a cause for concern, and the added distress and upset was only making my insecurities worse.

Having tried several high-end shampoos designed to target hair loss but being disappointed with the end result, I saw an ad for Nourkrin®. I thought since previously I was trying to treat the problem externally, to give the tablets a try.

Towards the end of the 3 months, the hair loss during washing had reduced, and even my hairdresser commented on the amount of baby hair I had, meaning hair growth had increased. New healthy hair was replacing the old, weak and damaged hairs making me feel more confident as a result.

After completing the 3-month supply of Nourkrin® tablets, I have noticed the hair has grown longer faster than it would normally, so it definitely helped with the growth. I can also report there is less hair fall out during washing for certain and the amount that does looks to be within the norm. It is recommended that Nourkrin® be taken for a minimum of 6 months for maximum benefit, so I will be re-ordering to see if there is further improvement at the end of the course but speaking from personal experience so far so good.


A huge improvement

My hair is long and very fine, not to mention quite thin, so after having three children, my locks were somewhat thinner. I began to accept that I would always ‘moult’ more than our Border Collie and forever be removing my hair from the shower plughole as if I was suffering from Alopecia (although I wasn’t). Losing hair was making me feel less than feminine, and I imagined sooner or later being able to see a bald spot on my crown. As a Mum, I felt enough pressure on the effect’s childbirth had already had on my body, and to be honest, it was quite a big factor in me suffering very frequently with ‘the blues.’

Nourkrin® Woman has made a difference to my hair, most definitely. In fact, I would say a huge improvement! My hair loss has slowed down to what I would now call ‘normal rate’; therefore, my hair feels and appears thicker and even seems to have had a growth spurt! I have barely seen any of my mane in the plughole, so that’s how I know it’s not wishful thinking. My hair is no longer falling out like it was and I’m feeling like a Yummy Mummy!


After Nourkrin®… [my hair] was growing back strong rather than wispy

Hair loss is not life-threatening but is certainly life-altering, as for 36-year-old PR director, Charlotte Dormon, who experienced hair loss after a stressful period:

‘I started to lose my hair after I had gone through a particularly stressful period at both work and in my personal life. I had also switched my contraceptive method to the coil, which had a major impact on my hormones. Everything combined triggered my hair loss.’

‘I’ve always had quite thick, voluminous hair so I could tell the difference straight away. I spoke to my doctor who explained to me that stress was the likely cause.’

In the first instance, Charlotte turned to hair thickening products and hair vitamins to help stimulate growth. She said: ‘I purchased so many products, which I thought would do the trick. I tried thickening shampoos, conditioners, mousse and hair spray but nothing worked. I also started to take vitamins which I thought would improve the growth and thickness.’

‘I’d never felt so low, I felt ugly and really unhealthy as my hair was so fine and thin. It bothered me every single day, and I was so embarrassed.’ By this point, Charlotte had exhausted a number of options and had been recommended Nourkrin® by a friend.

Charlotte said: ‘I started using Nourkrin®, and after using it for six months, I really started to notice that my hair wasn’t falling out as much. It certainly started to have more volume at the roots and was growing back strong rather than wispy.’

It didn’t take long for Charlotte’s confidence to return. She added: ‘In my job, there’s always going to be an element of stress, but now I feel a lot more in control and happy that I have found something that I know will help support my hair gradually and make it grow back naturally. I would most certainly recommend Nourkrin® to anyone else who is going through a stressful time.’

Charlotte Dormon

The hair grows much quicker

I’m a regular user, and I find that Nourkrin® helps the general quality of hair, and the hair grows much quicker.

Cindy Hart

Nourkrin® is fantastic

Fantastic hair product. I enjoy watching new hair grow every day.


Excellent product

I have been using Nourkrin® for a year and I find it does what it promises.


Nourkrin® Works well

I had compliments about how my hair was looking since taking Nourkrin® which was a bonus. I would definitely recommend to new mums.


Very helpful after delivering my child

I’m personally so much thankful to Nourkrin®. After I delivered my child, I started losing hair at an alarming rate. I saw the Nourkrin® Ad on a magazine and tried a three-month supply. It was very helpful. Hair fall was controlled, and new hair started growing. I’m so thankful to this amazing product.


Nourkrin® was the only thing that stopped my hair fall

I had a big hair loss problem when I started to be treated for an overactive thyroid about 10 years ago. After trying different treatments, Nourkrin® was the only one that actually stopped my hair from falling and got my hair to grow thicker again.

About 5 months ago, after 3 pregnancies in quite a short time, a lot of postpartum hair loss and thyroid causing problems again, my hair was in a desperate state. So as soon as I finished breastfeeding my third baby, I started to take Nourkrin® and, again, it quickly gave good results.

I do recommend Nourkrin® each time someone tells me about a hair loss issue. And I am also very impressed by the amazing level of customer services, The Nourkrin® Team actually genuinely care about their customers!

Cathy, Ireland

Daren’t stop taking Nourkrin®

I have had thinning hair for quite some years. My hair is fine, and it got to the point where I could see my scalp clearly. I was advised by a trichologist to try Nourkrin® – I’m into my 3rd year, and the results are so good that I daren’t stop taking Nourkrin®!


Fantastic product

Nourkrin® is the best! Nourishes and supports growth of hair. My hair was dry and damaged, so I had about twelve inches cut of with the idea that ‘starting over’ would be the way to go. I decided to give my hair the best possible help so along with a good keratin shampoo & conditioner, I tried Nourkrin®, and now I have thick, shiny, healthy hair that grows quickly. In 6 months, it’s grown roughly 5 inches, so I’m well on the way to Elle MacPherson style hair. Nourkrin® is definitely part of my beauty regime, it’s so worth it!’


Making Progress with my Hair Gain

I am only four months into my Nourkrin® journey, but one and a half years into my one of hair loss. I am a 31-year-old woman and was 29 when I first noticed my scalp more in the middle of my head. It didn’t fall out one day like in the movies, more of a gradual loss, so it wasn’t noticeable at first. But there was definitely more scalp on show, and it was all shiny.

I have always had thinner hair at the front of my head and looking back on pictures of the last ten years, my hair has always been thinner on top, kindly inherited from my dearly departed father and excessive rapid weight loss at the age of 19.

When I first realised, I could see my scalp a lot more than before, my self-confidence took a knock. Fortunately, the husband hadn’t really noticed, but I had, and I started to worry that other people had too. I hated sitting in rooms with spotlight as I thought it made it more noticeable. I saw other people in the street with hair similar to mine and they were always so much older than I was, which only added to my lack of self-confidence.

I searched the web for a remedy and found one in London. Unfortunately, I turned out to be very sensitive to the solution needing to be applied twice a day to my scalp and got tired of the faff. I was on the hunt for another solution – and one that wasn’t so expensive.

I discovered Nourkrin® quite by chance and decided to look into it further. The fact that it’s a tablet appealed to me for its simplicity and not having to apply solution to my scalp every day is certainly a bonus. Four months in and I am slowly making progress with my hair gain. I am gaining hairs at the front, and top of my scalp and while my scalp is still visible, it is definitely not as noticeable. Although I still hate spotlight. I hope that continued use of Nourkrin® (up to the recommended six-month mark at least) will result in more hair growth and more importantly, the sustainability of that hair.

Hilary, Leicester

Hair thicker & slowly improving

I read lots of reviews about Nourkrin® and decided to give it a try. I know everyone is different and nothing is 100% going to work for everyone. It has been four months now and my hair is slowly improving. It feels thicker and friends say it looks better than it has in a long time. Still not 100% but getting there.


Delivered fantastic results

I started to use this product after I started to lose hair rapidly due to stress. My doctor said there was nothing I could do; however, Nourkrin® made a great difference to my hair. After 3 months my hair had stopped falling out and after six months, I started to have new hair growth. I am so happy with Nourkrin®, they are definitely worth investing in.


It really gave me hope

I’m in love with Nourkrin® due to the fact that it really gave me hope when I was hopeless, scared and depressed. My hair is my statement. Because of it, I feel really feminine, strong and confident.

For several years I have suffered from an autoimmune illness, but last year I got a new problem with my thyroid gland. I started to take medication, and at the very beginning, it started my hair loss.

In a very short period of time, I lost a 1/3 of my hair. I started to feel depressed, scared and anxious. The illness became my second problem, and my hair loss became the biggest problem for me. My whole apartment was full of my hair, my working area was full of it… it fell in clumps, and I was scared every time I had to wash my hair due to the enormous loss.

As I intend to talk about my condition, my friend told me a story about her friend who had a problem with the hair loss due to the stress. She was so kind and recommended Nourkrin®.

After taking Nourkrin® Woman for three months, my hair started to drop more slowly and not in big chunks. For the first time, I felt that there was a chance that my hair would stop falling. I continued to use Nourkrin®. After six months, my hair stopped to fall, and after eight months of using this magical product, new hair started to grow. I was as happy as a little kid.

From that time, I have recommended Nourkrin® to a few of my colleagues, and I would recommend it to all of the women, who have problems with a hair loss, no matter the reason -stress, illness, medications, genetics…!

If there is a possibility of getting over this problem, why not to try it!? I wish I had known about the magical Nourkrin® sooner.


The results are really good

I have tried shampoo, treatments and other supplements for hair, but none of the other have worked as well as Nourkrin®. I have bought it 3 times now and will continue, because the results are really good


I definitely notice a difference

I have been using Nourkrin® for some time now, and I definitely notice the difference. I am 60, and my hair looks the same as when I was in my early 40s. I wouldn’t be without Nourkrin®.


Happier with my hair

Good value for money. Now happier with my hair. Would recommend Nourkrin® to others.


The most effective treatment

I have been using Nourkrin® for many years, and it is the most effective treatment for hair loss. I have recommended it to a family member recently.


Difference in the quality of my hair

My hair fell out due to a serious illness, it was fine anyway, but to lose more was depressing. I have only been taking Nourkrin® for a month and can already see a difference in the quality of my hair, and I am delighted, so onwards and upwards.


It’s funny stuff, hair

It’s funny stuff, hair. Ever since I can remember, I have hated mine. Very fine, curly, frizzes up at the least hint of any humidity (I don’t even need to leave the house sometimes). I can even remember saying, in moments of extreme exasperation, ‘I wish it would all fall out, then I could wear a smart wig instead’. Well, beware what you wish for because it very nearly did.

I’m now 63. I first noticed very slight changes two or three years ago, rather less hair to scrunch up if I was tying it back, the fringe getting wispier. Nothing too serious and I don’t think that I was particularly bothered about it. You see, I had never been particularly happy about the way my hair looked. The expression ‘crowning glory’ had never applied to me. So, having slightly less of it wasn’t an issue.

It did all of a sudden become an issue last year during a weekend break at a rather posh hotel, which had what I can only describe as ‘brutal’ lighting and mirrors in my ensuite room. While trying to force my hair into something resembling a style, I picked up a hand mirror so I could get a good look at the back. And then I saw… well, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting to see… my hair, from an aerial view, looked just like that of a middle-aged man well on the way to baldness. Of course, the very bright overhead light did me no favours. In the gaps (there were several) where the few pathetic strands of hair failed to meet, you could clearly see shiny, pink scalp shining through. It was awful. I was devastated.

This all took place exactly a year ago. I started taking Nourkrin® on the advice of a friend, almost immediately after I returned home. Let’s be honest… nothing seemed to happen for ages, but I stuck with it. At least this way, I felt I had something to hope for. If it didn’t work, at least I had tried. It was probably three months into the treatment that I first noticed an improvement. It was very slight to begin with… just a hint of what looked like new, very fine hairs growing in around the hairline. Of course, I worried they might just drop out, but fortunately, they continued to grow becoming thicker and stronger.

Since then, the improvement has continued. Of course, the only place you can really spot new hair growing in is around the hairline, but other new hair must have grown in further back too because the hair either side of the parting looks much thicker and the sparse areas at the crown of the head are reduced in size.

So, that is my story. After a year of taking Nourkrin®, I’m not expecting further improvement, but I’m much happier about my hair now. I’ve even had a few compliments about how healthy it looks. So, I think this will be me popping the pills forever more, but I would say it’s a price well worth paying.


Hair with life and shine

I started using Nourkrin® Woman about two years ago when my husband pointed out that my hair was thinning. This has now halted and been turned around. Hairdressers compliment me on the health of my hair. I have wavy hair- almost pure white now – and it always has bounce and shine. I don’t do anything to it apart from shampoo regularly and condition occasionally. Nourkrin® is perfect.


Amazing results

I am so glad I purchased Nourkrin® – the 6 months supply. The product does what it says for me.


Yay! Nourkrin® works!

I can honestly say that Nourkrin® works for me… my hair actually feels and looks thicker and is in better condition.

Helenna, Brazil

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