Hair loss is more common than most people realise. A hair growth disruption can happen to anyone and whether or not a cause or reason for the hair loss is determined or diagnosed, many are left looking for a treatment solution that can improve their current hair growth and state of their hair. Many have at some point heard about hair growth vitamins, and while a vitamin deficiency can indeed disrupt the normal Hair Growth Cycle and cause hair loss, it is in fact less than 2% of hair loss that is caused directly by a vitamin deficiency. Vitamins for hair growth, or hair loss vitamins, are therefore often simply generic vitamin blends and as such not designed to address the hair growth issue directly. As for biotin supplements, only very weak evidence suggests that biotin supplements might improve thin or brittle hair and nails.

No matter the type of hair loss, the Hair Growth Cycle is almost always affected. For hair restoration and to treat hair loss, it is necessary to normalise the Hair Growth Cycle. During the normal Hair Growth Cycle, 85-90% of the hair is actively growing, while 10-15% of the hair sits inactive in the follicle after it has reached full growth potential, before it is shed after 3-4 months. When experiencing hair loss, the normal Hair Growth Cycle has been disrupted. A disruption of the Hair Growth Cycle can have many different causes, including stress, hormones, health and genetics, just to mention a few. A Disrupted Hair Growth Cycle means that the Anagen (growth) phase is reduced and the Telogen (resting) phase of the hair becomes prolonged. A disruption essentially results in increased shedding and weaker regrowth – and in some cases, fewer hair follicles are induced back into the growth phase, resulting in no regrowth as the hair follicles are dormant.

To restore normal, healthy hair growth, it is necessary to normalise the Hair Growth Cycle. The growth phase will be increased, pushing back the resting phase to the normal duration and dormant hairs are induced back into the growth phase creating regrowth. Hair restoration is only possible when the Disrupted Hair Growth Cycle is addressed and restored. For some types of hair loss, such as Postpartum Effluvium, which is excessive shedding after giving birth, the Hair Growth Cycle will usually adjust itself as the hormonal irregularities are normalised, however, it can take years for the Hair Growth Cycle to normalise on its own.

Nourkrin® is used globally as a primary therapy to address hair growth disorders and is not just a simple generic vitamin supplement. Nourkrin® is a natural, safe and drug-free supplement, especially developed to help maintain a normal Hair Growth Cycle and thereby support natural, healthy hair growth. Nourkrin® contains the unique and patented Marilex®, which is a fractioned fish extract rich in certain proteoglycans that helps support the overall life and function of hair follicles.

Nourkrin® also contains a mix of vitamins to address any vitamin deficiency that might cause hair loss as well as silica. Nourkrin® with Marilex® is not a simple multivitamin, but a unique product that has been featured in numerous published clinical peer-reviewed papers and is used globally as a primary therapy to address hair growth disorders.